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Desert Devils Gymnastics Teams

Congratulations to our Desert Devils gymnasts
who have comitted to colleges on full-ride scholarships!

Stephanie Stowe
University of Washington
attending Fall 2013
university of washington
Angela Cipra
attending Fall 2013
Rachel Tucker
Brigham Young University
attending Fall 2013
Melissa Metcalf
attending Fall 2014
Gigi Marino
University of Georgia
attending Fall 2014
University of Georgia

Makenzey Shank
Rutgers University
attending Fall 2014
rutgers university

Allison Bower
University of Missouri
attending Fall 2015
rutgers university
Becky Rozsa
Southern Utah University
attending Fall 2016
southern utah university
gymnasts in desert devils competitive leotard

Desert Devils Gymnastics Team Overview

The Desert Devils Team programs consists of Developmental, Compulasry Levels 4 - 6, Optional Levels 7-10. We integrate competition quality equipment, a state-of-the-art pit system with the most sophisticated training methods available to allow our competitive gymnasts to compete at the highest levels successfully.

  • Perrenial state champs for over 30 years, 2014 marked the Desert Devils 9th consecutive Arizona State Team Championship

  • Over 650 State champions and 35 national champions

  • The most successful program in Arizona at the elite level

  • Gymnasts have competed at international levels, such as, the World Championships, Olympic Trials, and World Cup Series events

  • 100% full-ride scholarship placement rate at top universities in the nation for graduating senior gymnasts.

Developmental Team

These classes are designed for girls who want to pursue competitive gymnastics. These classes, due to increased practice time, usually speed up the rate of skill acquisiton and enhance maturity in the sport.

    * Mini-hotshots: This program is for your 3-5 yr. old gymnast who has been invited to participate in a specific
                          program geared toward team level commitment. This honor is reserved for students who show an
                          above average ability and an extraordinary enthusiasm for the sport. This is a 1 hr, twice per
                          week commitment.

    * Hot-shots: This program is for your 4-7 yr. old gymnast who has been invited to participate in a specific
                      program geared toward team level commitment. This honor is reserved for students who show an
                      above average ability and an extraordinary enthusiasm for the sport. This is a 2 hr, twice per week

    * Developmental Team: This is our compulsory training team. Gymnasts in this program are preparing to start
                                        competing in Level 3 for the following season.

Compulsory Team
Level 3

This is our compulsory competitive level. Compulsory competition means the routines are set and the gymnast must follow a specific routine. Gymnasts are taught these routines and judged on their performance at competitions around the state.

gymnastics champs level 4-6 trophy gymnastics

Homegrown Program

This is our signature-training program. It encompasses a specialized development system of event specific conditioning, trampoline and skill development that properly prepares the young athlete for a high level of success in gymnastics. This specialized program is the only one of its kind and has created top-level national and international competitors year after year. Athletes who fully commit to the program have a very high rate of success not only in competition, but safely executing high-level skill, which is essential in acquiring a scholarship or competing on our national team.

Xcel Program

The Xcel Program is designed to offer a broad-based, affordable competitive experience outside the traditional Jr. Olympic Program to attract and retain a diverse group of athletes.

• We use it to offer a competition experience to our customer that allows them to produce in a    user friendly environment.
• Encourages athletes to continue developing in sport
• Develop at your own pace in a safe environment with our team staff

Optional Team- Level 7-Elite

Our Elite Training Program at Desert Devils is considered one of the finest in the USA. Our championship staff is under the direction of Geoff Eaton, who spends 32+ hours each week working on new methods for coaching and mentoring these elite superstars. He makes every effort to find new conditioning, drilling, and equipment advances to help these athletes in their pursuit of excellence. Every effort is always made to get these athletes whatever they need no matter the cost; whether that be flying them to National Team Camps where they can be assisted by the USA Gymnastics National Team staff, or flying National Team Staff membera here, or thinking outside the box and sending these athletes to others who can help them; such as Sports Psychologists, Massage Therapists, Motivational Speakers, or Physical Rehabilitation Therapists. Geoff makes sure that these athletes get whatever they need to be successful at the Elite level. All of this in a 40,600 square-foot state-of-the-art facility located in the corner of Gilbert and McKellips roads in Mesa, Arizona.

optional team, level 10 2014 State Champions optional team, level 10 gymnasts group photo  

Levels 7 through Elite are optional competitive levels. To enter in to the optional program the gymnast must receive a minimum score set by USA Gymnastics, in the previous level. Optional competition means that the gymnasts are only given guidelines to what must be done in their routines. However, they must have skills that meet difficulty requirements as well as fulfilling special combination requirements. The difficulty and special combination requirements become increasingly difficult
to master at each higher level.